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โ€œSoba dhugaadhan akka injifattanin waamicha koo dhiyeessaโ€: MM Abiyyi Ahimad
“Itoophiyaanotaa fi wayiloonni Itoophiyaa addunyaa irra jirtan maraaf,

โ€œGaraan haadhaa bubburree dhaโ€ akkuma jedhamu, amalli ilmaan ishee hundu tokko akkuma hin taane, namootni garaa Itoophiyaa keessa dhalatanii, bakka ulfinaa argatanii, ruubii jaarraa tokkoo oliif Itoophiya bulchaa turan deebiโ€™ani dugda duubaan Itoophiyaa waraananus, ijoolleen salphina ishee arguu hin barbaadne waliigalanii tarkaanfi irratti fudhataniiru.

Harโ€™as warri duuti junta hin liqimfamneef, ilmaan garaa ishee buburree keessa baโ€™an, diinota biyya keenyaa wajjin tokko taโ€™uun, odeeffannoo dhugaa hin taanee tamsaasuun buddeena guyya-guyyaa godhataniiru. Akka barbaadan yoo hin taane, Itoophiyaan akka jiraattu hin barbaadan. Injifannoo dirree seera eegsisuu irratti dhabani dirree hololaatiin deebisuudhaaf shira meeshaa godhachuun sobammoo rasaasa godhachuun fayyadamuu itti fufaniiru.

Kanaafuu Itoophiyaanonni fi waayilonni Itoophiyaa addunyaa mara irra jirtan, waaโ€™ee biyya keessanii odeeffannoo waqtawaa hawaasa addunyaatti himuudhaan kabajaa fi maqaa gaarii biyyi keenya qabdu ballessuuf namoota kaโ€™an injifachuun, soba dhugaadhaan akka mootanin waamicha koo dhiyeessa.”

MM Abiyyi Ahimad

Published by abdiaminbakhar

Hin yaaddawin !! Rabbiin kee waan siif tolu si caalaa beeka, Waan siif tolu, yeroo siif tolurratti siif Qophessee jirati hin yaaddawin. A.A.B Paypal:

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